Author: Franco Campos, J.
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MOPP009 Retrieving Beam Current Waveforms from ACCT Output Using Experimental Response Function for Use in Long Pulse Accelerators 84
  • Y. Hirata, J. Franco Campos, A. Kasugai
    QST, Aomori, Japan
  Current transformers (ACCT/DCCT) are used as non-interceptive means of beam current measurement in many accelerators. In the case of long pulse to CW accelerators for fusion neutron sources such as IFMIF, A-FNS, etc., current measurement using current transformers for pulses with around 10-100 ms or longer suffer such problems as drooping and the measurement accuracy is deteriorated. So, improving the accuracy for long pulse beams is highly required. We have proposed a method for retrieving the beam currents from the ACCT output using the transfer function obtainable from simple experiments. It was confirmed from numerical calculation that beam currents longer than a second could be theoretically retrieved*. The effects of associated circuits and cables such as stray capacitance, inductance and magnetic materials nearby are inherently included in the transfer function. We are working for implementing this method into FPGA. For calculation convenience, the transfer function is converted into a form of impulse function and the convolution with the digitized ACCT output is to be carried out to retrieve the beam current. The theory, algorithm and design will be discussed.
Y. Hirata, et al., IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., Vol. 46 (2018), pp. 2272.
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