Author: Fujita, T.
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WEBO03 Development of MTCA.4-Based BPM Electronics for SPring-8 Upgrade 471
  • H. Maesaka, T. Fukui
    RIKEN SPring-8 Center, Innovative Light Sources Division, Hyogo, Japan
  • H. Dewa, T. Fujita, M. Masaki, C. Saji, S. Takano
    JASRI/SPring-8, Hyogo-ken, Japan
  We have developed a new button-BPM readout electronics based on the MTCA.4 standard for the low-emittance upgrade of SPring-8 [*]. Requirements for the BPM system are a high single-pass BPM resolution of better than 100 µm for a 100 pC injected bunch to achieve first-turn steering in the commissioning of the upgraded ring and a highly stable COD BPM within 5 µm error for 1 month to maintain the optical axis of brilliant x-rays for users [**]. We designed an rf front-end rear transition module (RTM) having band-pass filters, low-noise amplifiers, step attenuators, and calibration tone generators. The rf signal is detected by a 16-bit 370 MSPS high-speed digitizer advanced mezzanine card (AMC) developed for the new low-level rf system of SPring-8 [***]. The firmware of the FPGA on the digitizer AMC was newly developed to implement various functions of the BPM system. We evaluated the readout system at a laboratory and then tested at the present SPring-8 storage ring with a prototype BPM head for the SPring-8 upgrade. We confirmed that the new readout system satisfies the requirements for the single-pass BPM resolution and the COD BPM stability.
* SPring-8-II Conceptual Design Report,
** H. Maesaka et al., Proc. IBIC¿18, paper TUOC04.
*** T. Ohshima et al., Proc. IPAC¿17, paper THPAB117.
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