Author: Maazouzi, C.
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TUPP007 Transverse Phase Space Scanner Developments at IPHC 288
  • F.R. Osswald, T. Adam, P.G. Graehling, M. Heine, C. Maazouzi, E.K. Traykov
    IPHC, Strasbourg Cedex 2, France
  Emittance characterization of charged particle beams is a standard and important tool to assess the performances of a facility. Due to emittance growth, beam losses and space charge the measurement of the transverse phase space distributions of the charged particles is still an up-to-date issue even at low energy and for wide beams. It enables detailled characterization of particle position and incidence in addition to other diagnostics. It gives access to the particles distribution at the boarder, a region of lower density important for high power accelerators and high intensity radioactive beams as they request reduced losses and damages thus less contaminated parts and nuclear waste for a safe handling during maintenance. Transverse Phase Space Scanners are designed at IPHC and based on the Allison system. They are currently used on different injection channels of large facilities as SPIRAL 2 and FAIR and will be used in the future on the DC280/SHE facility at JINR. A review of the IPHC’s high resolution scanner design, development programme and future challenges are presented espacially for beam halo analysis and "loss less" beam transport lines.  
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