Author: Makowski, C.
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MOPP004 Development and Calibration of a Multi-Leaf Faraday Cup for the Determination of the Beam Energy of a 50 MeV Electron LINAC in Real-Time 66
  • C. Makowski, A. Schüller
    PTB, Braunschweig, Germany
  The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany’s national primary standard laboratory, operates an electron LINAC with variable energy (0.5 - 50 MeV). All parameters of the LINAC which influence the RF power (as e.g. the high voltage at modulator) as well as the number of charged particles in a bunch to be accelerated (as e.g. via gun emission) also change the beam energy. To measure the energy during the preparation or optimization of a beam, a Multi-Leaf Faraday Cup (MLFC) was developed. This MLFC allows the measurement of energy and pulse charge in real time, so the influence of the manipulated variables on energy and beam power can be immediately assessed. The MLFC consists of 128 electrically isolated Al plates where the thickness of the entire stack is sufficient to stop a 50 MeV electron beam. After each beam pulse, the charge collected by the Al plates is recorded sequentially. The MLFC was calibrated with monoenergetic electron beams at output of a magnetic spectrometer. Then the MLFC was installed at the end of the accelerator structure. From the recorded charge distributions, the corresponding energy is determined in real time and displayed for each beam pulse.  
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