Author: Molodozhentsev, A.Y.
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MOPP035 Electron Beam Diagnostics Concept for the LWFA Driven FEL at ELI-Beamlines 185
  • K.O. Kruchinin, D. Kocon, A.Y. Molodozhentsev
    ELI-BEAMS, Prague, Czech Republic
  • A. Lyapin
    JAI, Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom
  Uniquely short high energy electron bunches produced by compact Laser Wakefield Accelerators (LWFA) are attractive for the development of new generation Free Electron Lasers (FEL). Although the beam quality of LWFA is still significantly lower than provided by conventional accelerators, with persistent progress seen in the area of laser plasma acceleration, they have a great potential to be considered the new generation drivers for FELs and even colliders. A new LWFA based FEL project called "LUIS" is currently being commissioned at ELI-beamlines in Czech Republic. LUIS aims to demonstrate a stable generation of X-ray photons with a wavelengths of 6 nm and lower, suitable for user applications. Electron beam diagnostics are absolutely crucial for achieving LUIS’s aims. Low charge, poor beam stability and other beam properties inherent for a LWFA require rethinking and adaptation of the conventional diagnostic tools and, in some cases, development of new ones. In this paper we provide an overview of the electron beam instrumentation in LUIS with a focus on the current challenges and some discussion of the foreseen future developments.  
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