Author: Tsibizov, A.
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THAO02 Towards Full Silicon 4H-SiC Based X-Ray Beam Monitoring 663
  • M. Camarda, M. Birri, M. Carulla, D. Grolimund, B. Meyer, C. Pradervand
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  • U. Grossner, S.M. Nida, A. Tsibizov, T. Ziemann
    ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
  In this work, we present extensive theoretical and experimental results of novel Silicon Carbide x-ray sensors for beam position monitoring (XBPM). Until recently, diamond, was considered the material-of-choice for continuous monitoring of hard (>6keV) x-ray beams at synchrotron light sources. Diamond XBPM are now commercially available as single crystal* and polycrystalline** sensors. However, in a recently published paper***, we have shown that Silicon Carbide is superior to both diamond crystal types in several critical aspects. Specifically, we found superior electrical characteristics (sensor dynamics, signal uniformity, signal strength) and superior optical properties (full device transparency, device active area, signal strength) when compared to commercial polycrystalline and single crystal diamond, respectively. We also succeeded in the ’industrialization’ of the SiC fabrication process, allowing for the simultaneous realization of several (>40) sensors in up to 4’ SiC wafers, with high yields. More recently we have also analyzed the fluorescence of SiC sensors as compared to YAG ones, finding that SiC can also be used for hybrid position/shape monitoring schema.
*** S. Nida, et. al. Silicon carbide X-ray beam position monitors for synchrotron applications J. Synchrotron Rad. 26, 28-35 (2019)
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