Author: Welsch, C.P.
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Transverse Profile Diagnostic for High Intensity Beams Using Gas-ionization Characterization  
  • G. Andonian, T.J. Campese, M. Ruelas
    RadiaBeam, Marina del Rey, California, USA
  • B.T. Jacobson
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  • C.P. Welsch
    The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  High intensity electron beam operations require robust methods to monitor the transverse charge profile at focal points along the transport, in a single-shot and real time mode. In this paper, we describe a technique to characterize the transverse beam distribution using a monitor that images the ionization products of the beam interaction with a molecular beam of neutral gas. The gas sheet monitor concept has been successfully tested for other beam applications and is analogous to solid-target viewscreens. A supersonic gas jet, with localized densities in the 1011-1013 cm-3 range, is generated with a nozzle and an array of skimmers along with differential pumping throughout. The flattened and shaped jet acts similar to a traditional solid-target viewscreen. The beam ionizes the portion of the gas jet it encounters, imprinting the transverse beam profile on the ionization distribution. An electrostatic electrode column extracts the ions and images them onto a two-dimensional detector, such as a micro-channel plate and camera. Here, we describe the design of the gas sheet generator and the ion-column subsystems for SLAC FACET-II beam parameters.  
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