Author: Zummack, F.
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WEPP020 First results on Femtosecond Level Photocathode Laser Synchronization at the SINBAD Facility 564
  • M. Titberidze, M. Felber, T. Kozak, T. Lamb, J. Müller, H. Schlarb, S. Schulz, C. Sydlo, F. Zummack
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  SINBAD, the "short-innovative bunches and accelerators at DESY" is an accelerator research and development facility which will host various experiments. SINBAD-ARES linac is a conventional S-band linear accelerator which will be capable of producing ultra-short electron bunches with duration of few femtoseconds and energy of up to 100 MeV. In order to fully utilize the potential of ultra-short electron bunches while probing the novel acceleration techniques (e.g. external injection in LWFA), it is crucial to achieve femtosecond level synchronization between photocathode laser and RF source driving the RF gun of the ARES linac. In this paper we present the first results on the synchronization of the near-infrared photocathode laser to the RF source with the residual timing jitter performance of ~10 fs rms. These results were obtained using a conventional laser-to-RF synchronization setup employing heterodyne detection of an RF signal generated by impinging the laser pulses to a fast photodetector. In addition, we describe an advanced laser-to-RF phase detection scheme as a future upgrade; promising even lower timing jitter and most importantly the long-term timing drift stability.  
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