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TUPP029 Stripline-based Non-destructive Beam Profile Monitoring System for Muon g-2/EDM Experiment at J-PARC coupling, quadrupole, dipole, monitoring 372
  • C.K. Sung, M. Chung
    UNIST, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
  • S. Hacıömeroğlu
    IBS, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  • Y.K. Semertzidis
    CAPP/IBS, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  • Y.K. Semertzidis
    KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  The muon g-2/EDM experiment at J-PARC aims to measure the muon magnetic moment anomaly, a and electric dipole moment, d by introducing an approach excluding any electric field with measurement goal of 450 and 70 ppb for statistical and systematic uncertainty of a , respectively, and sensitivity of 1.5·10-21 e’cm for d. In order to achieve the precision, the beam needs to manipulated such that the X and Y components are coupled by means of skew quadrupole magnets through the transmission line. The XY coupling quality can affect the transmission and storage efficiency so that its failure causes systematic error. Since it is significant to monitor the XY coupling status during the beam operation, a non-destructive beam profile monitoring system is under development to investigate the XY coupling quality so as to reduce the source of systematic uncertainties. The device consists of stripline electrodes installed with 45 deg. rotational symmetry. It will reconstruct the coupling parameters such as skew angle and beam size by using the FFT-based algorithm. This work presents the simulation result on the reconstruction and the wire test result for the prototype device.  
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About • paper received ※ 04 September 2019       paper accepted ※ 10 September 2019       issue date ※ 10 November 2019  
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